Emotion and Music in Software Development

Music is part of human life. Some music makes a cure some music cause disorder (Rose & Bartsch, 2009). Pleasant music has a potential to reduce the stress and anxiety. High beat music will endorse people to have more spirit than before. There are a magic connection between the music genre with the emotion of the human. High tempo music will make brain stimulate the heartbeat faster than the slow tempo music (Afandi et al, 2014). Music has a unique impact on the human consciousness because of its relationship with emotional processes. (Ehlert et al 2012). Based on that fact we have some questions to answer.

  • Is there any connection between human mood with the playlist that they heard?
  • Is there any connection between music genre with the four level of the human aggression?
  • Is there any possibility to predict the human characteristic by looking the music they play?

In order to answer the connection, there are possibility technology to support the research question such as:

  • Spotify. Spotify will help us to understand the behavior of user since we can identify the
    • Genre
    • Playlist
  • Musixmatch API. This API will help to understand the meaning of the song they play and understand the characteristic of the song by looking its lyrics
  • Wearable devices such as Galaxy Watch that can measure the heartbeat

We will answer the research question step by step by exploring the API first and look the potential of the API to answer our research question.

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