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Proposal is the first important things that we should prepare to bind between customer and our team. Comprehensive proposal will clarify any vision, mission, and solution that we need to provide to the customer. On this post, we will show you four steps to create proposal. 

Collaborate with the Team

Proposal is a document that is created by the entire team. Not only, business analyst but also other team members such as project manager, coach, or even customer. The team should contribute for the proposal. on this step, we should provide

  • Proposal template
  • data and log book from the meeting notes
  • proposed solution and basic knowledge about the solution and problem

Create a draft document 

Creating a draft of document is an essential steps for business analyst. In order to do that you should consider several things that you need to include in your proposal which are:

  • Customer business need
  • Customer Vision on the need
  • Proposed Solution
  • Project Roadmap (Iteration and release)
  • Project management. it includes communication plan, changes management, and conflict resolution procedure
  • Project organization 
  • Project budget 
  • Project assumption. Things that need to consider the successful of the project. 

Get a feedback from customer

Send your first draft to the customer and get a feedback from them. By obtaining a feedback you will:

  • Revise your proposal. it includes scope, resources, budget, etc.
  • Request additional meeting to clarify the feedback 
  • Align the capability of the team with the proposal 

Creating a SOW 

Statement of work (SOW) is the end of the commitment between customer and the team. SOW will be emailed to the customer and agreed with the both parties. 

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