Developing for the Cloud: AWS vs Azure

It would become natural if your customer said AWS or Azure when deploying their solution in the cloud. On this article, we will compare the developer consideration when building cloud computing solution in two to platform: AWS vs Azure. We compare in three point of view: product, process, and cost. If you are developer and want to build and to consider the platform this article is for you. At this time of writing.

  • Amazon AWS market share is 52%
  • Microsoft Azure is 20%


Product discusses how the cloud computing fit with our needs. It starts from global need such as deploying the web through understanding the image by using cognitive application.

  • What Good in Amazon: Amazon provides massive product in every need in the cloud. Although Azure have the same product, the detail of the AWS product is sharper than the Azure.
  • What Good in Microsoft: Microsoft provides easy to understand product name: Glacier vs Azure Storage, Cloud Front vs Azure CDN, Kinesis vs Media Services, or RedShift vs SQL Warehouse. Microsoft provides better naming convention.

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS


When starting to use the cloud, you should select from the massive products offered by the two platforms. In amazon you can easily type the product in their management console. In Azure, you will have typical new services in New project model. Both provides a good process to start.

  • What Good in AWS: it lights and comprehensive. AWS provides you three streamlines service: AWS Services, Build Solution Guide, and Learning. AWS provides complete customization in term of process
  • What Good in Azure: it simples and better integration. Azure provides you better model when categorizing product. Azure provides clean and simple process.

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure.


In this section, we will discuss through a case study. We want to deploy a VM. Windows Server with SQL Server Standard. For developer support both AWS and Azure bills 29$ / month. In AWS we deploy in

In Azure we deploy in

It does not fair since the Azure only have 8 Temp storage, so I add the 30 GB Azure Storage. The total monthly cost is 367.07 $ vs 514.40 $

When deploying solution in the cloud you might need a support plan. Both Azure and AWS provides four support plans.

This is the conclusion

  • What good in Azure: Cheaper cost and flat premium support
  • What good in AWS: simple pricing structure and detailed support plan

What do you think? Will you go to Azure or AWS? Put your comment and happy programming

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