Release planning session

So our business analyst ready to kick off a project. the real question is what should we do in release planning session. A session where we start the project for the first time. On this article, we will discuss the main activity in release planning. the activities follow the eXtreme Programming method. Let's get started

Writing Story

The business analyst should write user story as comprehensive as possible. the business analyst will create

  • set features. i.e. Registration Feature 
  • user story  i.e. as a member i can register through social media account so that i dont need to fill basic information 
  • acceptance criteria i.e. member should have at least first name, last name, organization, and email

 Estimate the Story

The business analyst should elaborate with the customer to do several things

  • Validating the user story with the customer
  • Detailing the user story and acceptance criteria with the customer
  • Estimating the story point with the development team 

Creating the release plan

The business analyst will do several activity to make the plan is solid

  • Discussing the story depedency with the developer
  • Discussing the story priority with the customer
  • Creating iteration plan that contain user story

Stabilzing the release plan

The business analyst should understand that the story will be changed. Therefore, the business analyst should stabilising the plan by doing several activities

  • iteration review with the customer / weekly progress with the customer
  • documenting feedback based on the review 
  • reviewieng the changes into updated story 
  • discussing the detail of the story with the task with software development team


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