what should i do in daily sprint?

Daily scrum or daily standup is a way to communicate between team members to understand the heart beat of the project. Daily scrum duration can be 5 minutes to 30 minutes. If you have daily scrum meeting more than 30 minutes, it means you should create another technical discussion informally. The question is, what should i do in daily scrum.

Daily Scrum Agenda

  • The product owner or development teams open the daily scrum 
  • The development team share updates from the previous day 
  • The development team share the challange or question related with the product 
  • The development team share what they will do in today 

Sprint Review

  • The development team tests the software
  • The development teams provide feedbacks based on the specification
  • The development teams will revise based on the feedback
  • The development teams will send the result to the customer
  • The product owner will collaboate with the customer to do demo session
  • The customer will give a feedback in demo session
  • The product owner will note the feedback 
  • The development team will accept / postpone the feedback 
  • The product owner will send the updated sprint plan
  • The customer approves / rejects the sprint plan

Sprint Restropectives 

  • Development team discusses what should improve in the next iteration 
  • development team discusses what went well in the last iteration
  • the team will commit the next iteration 

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