Building Entertainment Game for 24 Hours

If you have three days to build entertainment game like platformer, adventure, or classic shooting. You can use these tips to build your knowledge to build entertainment video game.

Step 1. Find your Game Idea by playing a video game (1 hour)

Visit the marketplace and try several video games. If possible, find the full samples of your games. Try to play it around. And do some mods with their games. After playing around, try to create some document that tell your game idea. You can write game mission statement or even game design document.

Step 2. Learn your Game Engine and editor (2 hour)

You can install the editor such as Unity, Godot, or Unreal. You need to install the Visual Studio 2022 also to get help with intellisense and intellicode. Try to understand the build flow of the video game with your editor. You can learn the process by visiting their documentation

Step 3. Preparing the Assets (4 hours)

You might want to create your game from scratch, but it's not a good idea to create from scratch. You can find ready to use assets.

  • Game objects.
  • Applying Texture, Shader, and Material
  • Finding terrain, environment, and levels
  • Changing light and cameras

Step 4. Scripting (5 hours)

You can apply the scripting for

  • Movement
  • Collision
  • Scoring
  • Game Menu

Step 5. Enhancing Your Game (5 hours)

You can put additional efforts to add.

  • Animations
  • Particles and effects
  • Sound effects
  • Music

Step 6. Play and Polish (5 Hours)

On this step you try to play your game and get feedback from yourself to improve the game experience

  • Play the game
  • Improve the scripts
  • Improve the visual

Step 7. Deploy and Get Feedback (2 hours)

You can deploy your game and try to play directly in the game. Distribute your game to your friend and get feedback to improve for the next version

So that's it seven steps to learn build entertainment game you can learn the playlist tutorial here

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