Why the video game development is hard?

the video game development is hard, with several reasons

  • - It combines between arts and engineering. In order to create a good game you should care about the good arts. Although game can be run by ready to use asset, creating unique video game needs unique assets
  • - it designed to give good interaction and better experience. Therefore, creating good video games needs a good storyline and good mechanic.
  • - It runs on veriety hardware and software. Therefore, video games need stable enough so that it can run great on any supported platform 

The main question is how to reduce the difficulty in video game creation:

Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  • - Design a good game so that the game have sufficient interaction, uniquenes, and experience
  • - Use existing assets and modify the assets based on the idea and design of your game.
  • - Choose platform that help your team collaborate and productive. You can choose platform that not hard to master and have feasibility to learn 
  • - Do a lot play testing based on your prototypes to improve performance and a lot 
  • - Collect a lot of scripts that help you more productive. Reuse your codes to develop quick games

as a developer you can improve your skills by 

  • - joining a course to understand the basic process of video game development
  • - creating microgame and try to mod it based on your idea
  • - exercising the codes and refactor your codes as your reusable scripts

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