What Software that You Need to develop a software?

Some people said that visual studio is enough. Some people said visual studio is just for developing a software. In software development cycle we need more than visual studio. In this article, we want to inventory the software and the service that you will use to develop a software. Let's start.

#1 Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft teams or similar software is mandatory to do interaction between you and your customer and you with your team.

Store the meeting notes as well as meeting recording for your evidence purpose

#2 Microsoft Office

You will use PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to create proposal, calculate the cost, or might be presenting the proposal in slides.

  • Write your proposal with Microsoft Word
  • Show your progress report with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Estimate and calculate the data with Microsoft Excel

#3 Microsoft Project

Store your plan and monitor your project with your Microsoft Project. You can also use Planner for more operational works

#4Azure DevOps

This is my favorite services to manage source codes, change notes (wiki), user story, test plan, and reusable component

#5 Visual Studio 2022

This is my choice in Windows development environment you should have and install it to develop a software

#6 Azure or Hosting Platform

We use this service as an endpoint to deploy our services.

So these are 6 software and services to develop a software, how do you think?

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