Definition of Start and Definition of Done in Software Project

When building a software project. You might have a way to define when to start the software project and when to finish a software project. On this article, we will discuss about the definition of start and definition of done in software project. The definition of start will discuss when a good time to start a project. While the definition of done will discuss when a good time to deliver the software.

Before we start the project, we should make sure that

Just imagine your customer want you to develop a software. They said please build a software that capable to do XYZ. When you hear about this, this doesn't mean that the project is ready to star. In terms of Agile mindset, the customer should provide

  • The business rules that already documented in standard, procedures, or else.
  • The business process that already used by the customer OR will be applied in customer
  • The simple mockup that can help the development team to understand the process of the software that will be build

If they already have the three items, they can start the project. But if they don't have it. They can hire you to do requirements workshop. If they don't have a time to do that. It will be good idea to delay the project.

Before we said that the project is finishes, we should make sure that

Just imagine your development team said that the codes are finished. After testing and playing. It is said that the codes are buggy and customer doesn't accept the codes. In term of Agile mindset, the development team should

  • Make sure that the acceptance criteria met
  • Make sure the functional test passed and unit test also passed
  • Make sure the non-function requirements met



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