Automation Scenario in Microsoft Platform

When we discuss the automation, we already have the answer "Power Automate". However, there are more way to automate the data or file beside the Power Automate. On this article, we will discuss three ways to automate your solution.

Scenario 1. Using Power Automate

Let say you want to compose the automation between the web application. For example, you want to connect between twitter, email, and SharePoint. The three systems are made in the web so the power automate is the answer

Use power automate to compose the web and the web services.

Scenario 2. Using Azure Logic Apps

When you see the first time, you will see that Azure Logic Apps are quite similar with Power Automate but it has different purposes. Azure Logic Apps is designed when you want to automate the infrastructure and your enterprise environment. Using Azure Logic Apps means you want to manage not only the app but also infrastructure in the cloud.

Use Azure logic apps to compose the cloud and the enterprise solution.

Scenario 3. Using Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate desktop has unique positioning to record action in your desktop and automate it later. You just need to install the application on Windows and you ready to automate your application.

Use power automate desktop to automate excel, copy paste program, your Windows


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