How to develop Microsoft Based Solution in AWS Platform

If you have a customer who want to develop Microsoft based solution in the AWS platform, this article is for you. In this article we discuss several options that can make your Microsoft Based solution work as expected.

What Microsoft Based Solution that can be developed in AWS

Basically, AWS is a cloud computing platform. Therefore, you can use any available Microsoft platform to the AWS. Although Azure is the primary option for Microsoft solution, you can use Amazon Web Services for many of Microsoft based solution. The real question what the best AWS platform for Microsoft Based Solution?

Running Windows on AWS Platform

Windows Server, Windows 10, and Windows Based Hosting can be placed in Amazon EC2. It equals with Microsoft Virtual Machine. AWS claims that the Windows platform on AWS platform is faster, cheaper, and better. You can see their claim here. My suggestion is creating the EC2 instance on AWS and VM instance on Microsoft Azure. And please comment what you found!

Running SQL Server on AWS Platform

SQL Server can be hosted in two ways. First way is deployed on EC 2 instance, the second way is deployed through RDS platform. For better flexibility you can use EC2 since you can manage operating system and its configuration. RDS is great when you have less complexity on the database usage. Typical of web application with single database can utilize the RDS.

  • For easier deployment and management for simple process you can use RDS
  • For better flexibility you can use EC2 instance

Running Cloud App on AWS Platform

If you need to deploy your codes, you can use AWS Code Deploy. You can host your codes in Elastic Beanstalk. Elastic beanstalk works just like Azure Cloud App. Code Deploy works just like a portion of Azure DevOps. You can see how to do that in this link. Off course you can create the serverless function based on ,NET platform with AWS Lambda. Fortunately, the Amazon provides you a AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio to make you more productive. You can download the toolkit here

Running on Azure or AWS

I can say, we can deploy it to both platforms. You can host in AWS or Azure. The question is which perform better? Have an experience about that? You can share the result in the comments.

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