Structuring the Need of Our Customer

Building software is easy, even a person in kindergarten that loves to code can create software to write hello world in a nice Windows. However, building useful software is another story, even a veteran software developer will face challenge. So the real question is whether we can mitigate the risk by developing 'correct software' or transferring the risk into ready to use software. On this article, we will discuss how to mitigate the risk by providing steps to ensure you have sufficient skill sets to understand how to get the need of your customers as well as deliver the sufficiently solution.

What We Need to Learn

Step 1 – Becoming System Analyst



Step 2 – Understand Agile Project Management


Core Competency

Where you can learn about it

Requirements Engineering Model (Agile vs Formal)

Agile vs Traditional Requirements | Agile Product Management (

Agile Requirement Analysis

Requirements Analysis in an Agile World (

Agile User Requirement

User Stories | Examples and Template | Atlassian

Agile Requirement Specification

Requirements specifications in an agile environment - Blog - t2informatik

Requirement Validation

Software Engineering | Requirements Validation Techniques - GeeksforGeeks

SKILL: Managing Agile project in Azure DevOps


Step 3 – Changes Management in Agile Project



What tools that you need

I prefer you start with the free one, but if you have an access you can download this useful software

What for



Modelling your requirements

Draw IO

Microsoft Visio

Managing Software Requirements

Azure DevOps

Enterprise Architect

Managing Project

XMind Project Template

Microsoft Project



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