The Sprint on Azure DevOps

Project Management in The Real World

Having project management in Agile environments are not easy task, the project management become challenging and chaotic because changes, hidden requirements and ambiguity. Even using an Agile process doesn't mean that everything under control. Disciplining the team with the process and the tools are the one option to make sure the project management is aligned with the capacity and the capability of the team. Today, we will discuss how to make the sprint in project management as smooth as possible. Let's define what is smooth in project management:

  • Project changes are acceptable and do not cause the project to be delayed or postponed.
  • Project costs are absorbed without lack of budget.
  • The project is on time.

Smoothness can be adjusted by following the advice below.

  • Communicating regularly with the customer to make sure the vision and scope of the project is captured.
  • Having representative of user to make sure the product backlog is captured.
  • Having tools to check the progress of the software like Microsoft Planner or others.
  • Having regular meetings with the customer bi-weekly or monthly
  • Having regular meetings with the team in weekly meetings or daily
  • Having mechanism to manages requirement changes.

Sprint in Azure DevOps what need to do

When we discuss the sprint, we discuss how many works can be delivered.

  • Doing sprint planning to detail the product backlog and create the task that needs to be done.
  • Prioritizing the tasks and backlog to the sprint
  • Coding the task doing a pull request and create branch.
  • Finish the codes and push the master.
  • Do the test in test plan and doing the test.
  • If testing is passed and the task fulfill the definition of done the work is finished


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