Ten Checklist that you should have before developing a software

To build an information system, a comprehensive requirements document is essential. This document, often referred to as a System Requirements Specification (SRS), serves as a blueprint for the project. It details what the system is supposed to do and how it should perform, providing a clear understanding of the project's goals and objectives to all stakeholders involved. On this article, we discuss how to build Lean SRS, SRS that looks simply but answer almost any questions in building software. We discuss as ten checklist that you should have before developing a software

  • Organization business process. This business process is a foundation for developing software. it discusses the business rules, vision, regulation, compliance, and holistic process of the software. 
  • Application / IS business process. This business process captures the actor, the user requirements, and the process of the application that aligned with the organization business process. 
  • Mockup of the application. This mockup describes the user interface of the application 
  • Platform technology. This platform technology is approved technology that can be used to develop the information system
  • Data architecture. This architecture discusses how data is stored, managed, and exported
  • Software architecture. This architecture discusses how software component is composed into software solution 
  • Infrastructure architecture. This architecture discusses how infrastructure is constructed to host the solution. 
  • meeting schedule. This activity discusses how the schedule is created and managed so team and 
  • change management procedure. This procedure discusses how the software will be managed for future changes
  • release plan and project deliverable. The release plan and deadline of working feature.      
that's it 10 things that you need to have before developing software

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