Upgrading ASP.NET to MVC and .NET Core

When building web application in Microsoft platform stack, you will have many choices starting from web pages, ASP.NET web forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET core. The problem happens when you want to upgrade from one library to the others. This article will discuss about how to upgrade from ASP.NET to the others. Upgrade Path From ASP.NET web forms to ASP.NET Core, you should recreate the project and recreate the codes. You should recreate the entire codes. If you want, you can create the hybrid method as mentioned in this article https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/visual-studio/overview/2013/one-aspnet-integrating-aspnet-web-forms-mvc-and-web-api From ASP.NET web forms to ASP.NET MVC, you should recreate the project and recreate the codes. You should recreate the entire codes. You can read this document https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/msdn-magazine/2013/march/asp-net-migrating-asp-net-web-forms-to-the-mvc-pattern-with-the-asp-net-web-api From ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core, you can upgrade by recreate the project and modift the codes. You should modefy some codes. You read the guide to upgrade https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/migration/proper-to-2x/?view=aspnetcore-6.0 Some Tips before upgrade if you are using asp.net web form, consider to keep the asp.net in the latest version. You dont need to migrate to MVC, except you need the performance of the ASp.nET mvc core If you are using asp.net mvc, consider to upgrade into the asp.net core. You might need consider to upgrade If you are using asp.net web pages, consider to do hybrid approaches.  Please make sure you have all the codes, including the dependencies, references, and nuget.  Please make sure you use nuget for dependency library. you can restore later. After restore the nuget, please make sure your application is built successfully. Never upgrade the library before the codes running well If you have difficulty in build the codes. Edit the csproj to remove the prebuild nuget, you can find in the bottom of the codes  Put your codes in GITHUB or DEVOPS

Is Blazor Worth Enough?

When you first time learn ASP.NET you should learn ASP.NET syntax (ASMX), HTML, C#, and JavaScript on Windows Platform. When you learn ASP.NET MVC you should learn HTML, C# and JavaScript on Windows Platform. When you learn ASP.NET Core you should learn HTML, C#, and JavaScript on any platform. Blazor is a ASP.NET feature that give you a power to build dynamic web app with HTML and C# on any platform. You do not need JavaScript although it can communicate flawlessly with JavaScript. Blazor Template You have two templates. Blazor Server App that run just like traditional server-side application. Blazor WebAssembly App that work just like client-side application that can work just like JavaScript, Progressive Web App, and ASP.NET hosted. You can see the difference here. // What should I Use? Use Blazor Web App if you want to create web application that run on the client side. Building web app for your customer, blogs, or might be an information system without real time communication. Use Blazor WebAssembly App if you want the web application that can run in the server and doing real time communication such as IM platform, High performance web app, and complex information system such as E-learning, E-commerce, etc. Blazor Server App. Blazor faster enough if you compare it with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Webforms. It quite simple in term of structure. The shared folder consists of main layout (master page) and navigation. The pages consist of the page of each function of sample. It uses the razor syntax on asp.net pages. Communicating with the services or data quite simple. They just need a entity class just like ASP.NET core and service call model. And you just need to call like Is it worthen? If you come from asp.net MVC. Blazor will give you so much simplicity and better performance. If you come from asp.net Web Forms. Blazor will give you short learning curve and best performance.   //

Installing Entity Framework Power Tools on Visual Studio 2015

Problem Entity Framework Power Tools provides useful feature of Entity Framework 6 but is not supported on Visual Studio 2015, only 2010, 2013 Possible Cause The EF Power Tools is integrated with EF Designer on Visual Studio and it will be replaced on EF 7 Solution Download the customized package here Turn the visual studio off Install it by double click OR by using Administrator account Check the menu by Right Clicking on a project Happy coding!

Five Reason to Choose ASP.NET Web Forms

On this short video, we will discuss about a technology overview when choosing ASP.NET web forms. At least there are five reasons why you should choose ASP.NET web forms such as the rapid development environment, drag-and-drop support, and many more. Please view the video!   And how about a consideration why you don't need to use ASP.net web forms, just visit the comment and let's discuss //

Beginner Tutorial for ASP.NET MVC

As a part, of our commitment to create a local video tutorial on Visual Studio Technology. We created a beginner tutorial for ASP.NET MVC with Visual Studio 2015. There are 8 videos on the plan. You can visit YouTube to join the Visual Studio Indonesia YouTube Page. Or enjoying the video below

UnobtrusiveValidationMode Issues on Visual Studio 2013

Problem Yesterday, I created empty web template with Web Forms support through Visual Studio 2013. Unlike, the WebForms and the MVC template that works flawlessly. I got unique error as shown on figure             It is said that I need ScriptResourceMapping for jquery. It is strange that I don’t need JQUERY for this project. Solution After doing a search there are several options to solve the Empty Web issues on Visual Studio which are Option 1 – If you don’t need JQUERY If you don’t need jquery you can add this on your web.config <appSettings>     <add key="ValidationSettings:UnobtrusiveValidationMode" value="None"></add>   </appSettings> Option 2 – If you need JQUERY - Installing JQUERY using nugget For this purpose you can read this link Option 3 – You don’t need JQUERY but need ASP.NET WebForms Validation For this purpose you can read this link

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