Three tips on moving to the cloud for Information workers

This Indonesian articles covers three tips for information workers in Indonesia who thinks to move their solution to the cloud. The tips are: On Premise should be there and side by side with the cloud Focusing the organization to increase business value rather than infrastructure Saving your important data to the cloud and replicate it into your private cloud You can download the full arti... [More]

The needs of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

The ALM Background This post will discuss why we need an ALM and why we care about it. Back, in 2008 when I started my Ph.d. degree in ALM area, I always argue that in the end user don’t see your codes, in the end users don’t see how you build the software. They see the result, they see the quality of your product, they see how you hit deadline and commit with working software. The id... [More]

Moving to new home ;)

As you now in 2012, i move my blog from to . It will be more focused on Application lifecycle management. ANd hopefully this blog can be better than the previous . Let's start with Basmallah   Ciao @ridife

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