How Microsoft Sell Software?

Microsoft is one of the company that has a good experience on selling software. Starting from Windows 1.0 till Windows 8, Microsoft has a good model to sell its software. This post will cover a basic understanding how they sell they software, in order to get idea how you will be sell your software. Free software at Microsoft Beside sell a software, Microsoft provide free or shared source softwar... [More]

8 tips to sell Windows Store App

There is a good competition called Windows 8 Startup Challenges. This event will invite any new startup to build Windows 8 Store App with plenty of appreciation like Trip to San Francisco, Meet Venture Capital, or event get a product funding for your app. Whether you are new startup or want to build a good software product, Windows 8 gives you better opportunity with million users of Windows stor... [More]

Getting Started with Cloud TFS

  There is a good news for a small, medium and business ISV, such as Bizspark and new Microsoft Startup. Starting from October 2012, a cloud TFS service is free for sometime and will be charged in the middle of 2013. You can sign up free at This blog post will guide step-by-step to activate this feature while it free. Sign up to us... [More]

Hello Azure, Facelift Website

23.32 WIB, this website is officially launching.. with windows 8 modern UI adoption and more information centric. Hopefully you can enjoy this site. Feel free to contact me if, I made a mistake in this blog post. Thank you. @ridife

Product and Project in Software Engineering

You might be used Visual Studio to create many application. Furthermore, you figure it out that a few different between product and project. Software product is a delivery software model which are submitted into the global market and you sell it as your own. Software project is a delivery model which are developed to fulfill your client need. In economic point of view, product is gambling. You ca... [More]

Software Pirating and Local Software Economy

We love to be free One of the reason why we do pirating is to get software for free. For example, You can grab Windows 8 with 0$ versus 75$. It’s worth!. But have you ever thinking about local software economy? Here are some reason for us to eliminate our pirating culture. Reason 1 - Pirating is killing the developers Software is developed through a time. For example, in order to create a... [More]

Windows 8 Installing tips for your old computer (HTC Shift Case Study)

In one events, i saw my friend use a brand new IPad 3. His IPAD helps him a lot, when he tried to remember an important topic or a concept to the audience, he used his IPad as a notes taking tools. After that day, i visited a local exhibition and saw a good devices called Samsung ATIV. However, the price is too high for developer like me (it cost 799$-1399$). Trying to forget about ATIV, i opened ... [More]

Testing and Kaizen in Agile Development

Recently, Microsoft Pattern and Practices released a good book about testing for continuous delivery with Visual Studio 2012. This book covers an Agile process in terms of testing and continuous improvement of your software by testing it iteratively. As mentioned in their pages This book is aimed at test engineers, managers, developers, and folks interested in understanding the changing world o... [More]

IT Research for Student

As a student, we have a lot opportunity to explore and learn any technology with your great passion and time. In the past event, I met many potential student who have many brilliant idea in IT Research. IT research has perfect agility. Therefore, the material and technology grows fast and changes. In this presentation slide, you can see several principles and guides to explore and to develop bette... [More]

ALM on Lightswitch 2012

This article will cover a tips to adopt ALM paradigm in building Line of Business Application Through Lightswitch technology. You can download the article here. Enjoy!. Furthermore you can learn a Lightswitch if you want to create line of business application with a rapid way. Here are several books that you can buy

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