Software Engineering as a Foundation of ICT development.

Teaching and sharing software engineering is hard, applying in the real world project is harder. If you are IT student or computer science you might be know that the software engineering is a boring stuff. Theoretical, Fiction example, and sometime it can be neglected. Many people love to do software engineering as a development activity. At least, some new people think software engineering ca... [More]

Teaching ALM through Hands On Lab

Application lifecycle management is an abstract leasson to learn by a developer. Developers learn a lot ALM through an Experience and real world situation. However, if we are on a short course or a tutorial, we can put an ALM style HOL by considering of several items such as: Creating simple hands on lab by focusing the software engineering process Focusing not only the development issues b... [More]

Lumia Moving Gears Fix

Problem Today, i forgot to charge my development device. The Lumia is dead because the battery. So i just plug in on wall charger. The red battery logo appears. After 5-10 minutes, the battery logo is gone and is replaced with moving gears. I wait for more than 5 hours with no luck. After loosing my faith. i do several action Soft Reset (Hold down power and volume down button) – NOT WORK ... [More]

Understanding Blob Storage on Azure (Video)

Today, I managed daily operation to backup my database into a bacpac file. Bacpac is another version data structure on SQL Server. it is just like .bak on casual SQL Server but more compatible with the SQL Azure. Bacpac in SQL Azure is stored on Blob Storage. Blob (Binary Large Object) is a storage model that support for high capacity files such as multimedia file, document, or even database backu... [More]

Understanding Azure Storage

This video will cover you a basic understanding of Azure Storage. The video is on Indonesian languange.

Having Verify Account Issue in Azure

Problem When you login to the Windows Azure management portal you get this URL        Solution Thare are no DIY (do it yourself) about this issue. All you can do is contact a support from this links. default.aspx-gprid=17024&st=1&wfxredirect=1&sd=gn Cheers @ridife

Understanding Lens in Windows Phone 8

In Windows Phone 8, you can create a camera app called a lens. A lens opens from the built-in camera app and launches right into a viewfinder experience to help the user capture the moment. But not all lenses stop at capturing photos. Some lenses, called rich media lenses, provide a unique experience for viewing or editing photography (Microsoft, 2013). So if you want to build Windows Phone with h... [More]

How to Submit an App to Windows Store

In this video I will show you the basic tutorial to submit an application to Windows Store. This tutorial assume that you already have verified Windows Store Account. Windows Store account can be bought start from 50$ or free (for eligible University/School). This 7 minutes video will cover the basic tip. It has Indonesian subtitle on it. Enjoy Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required... [More]

Migrating SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure

This three minutes video will show you how to migrate your SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure. After watching this video you should care some detail of the migration such as SQL Azure have no support on View and SQL Assembly so make sure you remove it before migration process SQL Azure migration doesn’t connect your application directly with SQL Azure, Be sure to link the resources on your ... [More]

Statements of Works in Agile

Statements of works (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables, and timeline a vendor must execute in performance of specified work for a client. SOW is developed as a contract negotiation between client and vendor. Agile manifesto teaches us, that the customer collaboration over the contract negotiation. Therefore, you find a lot of book tell us to crea... [More]

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