Contract on ALM MInimalist

Contract is something common that happen on a project. Ideally contract will cover resources, budget, and time constraint. It covers the features, the time, and the budget is needed. Contract is fragile on a project. Sometime, client want a new feature, a team has limitation to solve problem, or even client can pay the cost on time. On ALM minimalist there are two type of contract which are ... [More]

Understanding Features, Stories, and Tasks on Visual Studio Online

When developing a software, you might think what is the better way to acquire the requirements. If you learn software engineering you might be remember about software requirements or requirement engineering. It is a long journey to learn about requirement engineering. You should read a lot documentation, create requierement template for your client, filling the document and discuss within the clie... [More]

ALM minimalist, an Agile way to Stay Agile

My teammate feel not really satisfied with the ALM features on VIsual Studio 2013. It is great, but lack of simplicity for small to medium project. After using Visual Studio for almost than 15 years, I agree that ALM is a good feature, but not as for startup who still fighting with the client changes and codes horror. Of you already subscribe to and feel that you still focusin... [More]

Document Collaboration with Asus Web Storage

      Nowadays, If you want to search a new document collaboration software or you want to separate your work document with the personal document or club document, you have a lot alternative. One of the good alternative is Asus Web Storage. Although the space is relatively small (5 GB for free), you can put your document for free and collaborate effectively. Here are the benefit ... [More]

MTA Windows Server Administration Certification Guide

This certification guide will cover several windows server adminsitration fundamental that discussed on Microsoft Technology Associate certification such as Understanding installation and device requirements for Windows Server Understanding Server role on Windows Server Understaning Active Directory Understanding Storage Mechanism on Windows Server  Understanding Server M... [More]

MTA Network Security Certification Guide

This certification guide will cover several network security fundamental that discussed on Microsoft Technology Associate certification such as Understanding security layers Understanding security on an operating system Understanding security technique like Encryption Understanding Security features like NAP, Firewall, and DMZ The guide itself is on PDF and can be downloaded by c... [More]

MTA Network Fundamental Certification Guide

This certification guide will cover several network fundamental that discussed on Microsoft Technology Associate such as Understaning network concept Understanding network topology and model Understanding Switch and Router Understanding network media Understanding OSI & TCP/IP Understanding IPv4 and IPv6 Understanding naming resolution and dns The guide itself is o... [More]

Understanding Microsoft Technology Associate Certification

The number of IT students has resulted in labor market flexibility to choose the best and competent students. Students have a great challenge to prove the quality of their competence. One effort to shows competence is by following certification. Microsoft has a certification that is perfect for students which is known to the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). MTA is not as difficult certificati... [More]

Selecting Rendering Engine on Umbraco 7

Umbraco 7 is on Horizon, the first thing first that you need to do when you are ready to use umbraco is selecting the rendering engine. In this post I will explain how we select the proper rendering engine for Umbraco. Let’s get started Veteran or New Generation Developer Umbraco supports two rendering engine which are WebForms and MVC. If you are the veteran developer that learn ASP.NET since 1... [More]

Cannot Start Windows Phone Emulator After Upgrading to Visual Studio 2013

Problem When you want to debug and deploy your windows phone appplication to your device or emulator. The Visual Studio didn’t show the option to deploy to the device or debug on emulator. When you push to debug your app you will be notified with EXCEPTION RESULT 0x8XXXXXX Cause Different configuration between Visual Studio 2012 that can’t be directly used in Visual Studio 2013 Solution Her... [More]

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