Windows 8 Installing tips for your old computer (HTC Shift Case Study)

In one events, i saw my friend use a brand new IPad 3. His IPAD helps him a lot, when he tried to remember an important topic or a concept to the audience, he used his IPad as a notes taking tools. After that day, i visited a local exhibition and saw a good devices called Samsung ATIV. However, the price is too high for developer like me (it cost 799$-1399$). Trying to forget about ATIV, i opened ... [More]

Testing and Kaizen in Agile Development

Recently, Microsoft Pattern and Practices released a good book about testing for continuous delivery with Visual Studio 2012. This book covers an Agile process in terms of testing and continuous improvement of your software by testing it iteratively. As mentioned in their pages This book is aimed at test engineers, managers, developers, and folks interested in understanding the changing world o... [More]

IT Research for Student

As a student, we have a lot opportunity to explore and learn any technology with your great passion and time. In the past event, I met many potential student who have many brilliant idea in IT Research. IT research has perfect agility. Therefore, the material and technology grows fast and changes. In this presentation slide, you can see several principles and guides to explore and to develop bette... [More]

ALM on Lightswitch 2012

This article will cover a tips to adopt ALM paradigm in building Line of Business Application Through Lightswitch technology. You can download the article here. Enjoy!. Furthermore you can learn a Lightswitch if you want to create line of business application with a rapid way. Here are several books that you can buy

Indonesian book about Application Lifecycle Management

This book is already written in December 2011, but the pulisher finsihed their work in October 2012. It not a perfect book but hope you can enjoy the fun of building an application in software engineering and ALM concept. You can find my latest book entritled "Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak yang dinamis dengan Global Extreme Programming" This book will tell you about how to Capturing dynamic and ever... [More]

Ads SDK for Visual Studio 2012

Well many of you already have Windows 8, and many of you already have an application. If you want to monetize it, you can use Microsoft Ads SDK. This Indonesian article will cover how you put an ads for your Windows 8 Apps through Visual Studio 2012. You can download the article Here Or read online at Microsoft KB 

Upgrading your SVN client to support Visual Studio 2012

Problem In Visual Studio 2010, the rocket-SVN client work best. However, it’s not supported in Visual Studio 2012 and there are no plan from the developer that the Rocket SVN will be updated to support Visual Studio 2012. Solution The solution is to switch the SVN solution to Tortoise SVN. After you installing the tortoise you should do some upgrade or create new working copy. This video ... [More]

Walkthrough: Upgrade Your PC to Windows 8

In this article, I will share about 8 steps to upgrade your PC to Windows 8. Upgrading is easy but sometime tricky. This article will give you step-by-step to upgrade your existing PC into Windows 8. Scenario There are two main scenario A and B. Both scenario will have same step but there are specific advise based on the scenario. Scenario A. If you have old pc / notebook that is manufactured... [More]

Visual Studio 2012 ALM Multi-Dimension

This Indonesia screencast introduce you a usage point of view of a various version in visual studio 2012. After the screencast you might know the different version of visual studio and the target for each version. Enjoy

Agile UX Design in ALM Practices

            Building a software is challenging whether you build for product or for project both of them need bullet proof design to make your design “just work”. Just work concept is how we build design as efficient as possible without sacrificing the design itself. Inspired from the MSDN article that describe the approaches to design Windows Phone 7 Design. Th... [More]

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