Visual Studio ALM is now Platform-Agnostics

Starting from year 2015 and beyond, Visual Studio has three members which are

  • Visual Studio IDE. A complete end to end application lifecycle management solution for you to plan, build, deploy, and operate your solution. Today Visual Studio supports major development target such as Windows, Android, and IOS. Therefore its platform-agnostics support for any need of development. However, its only can be developed on Windows platform.
  • Visual Studio Online. A complete end to end web application that deliver ALM on the top of teamwork through codes managements, work management, and release management. A must have for teamwork development. it supports GIT, TFS, Eclipse, Visual Studio IDE. Its platform-agnostic that support any platform and tools that you choose for development
  • Visual Studio Code. A lightweight Visual Studio IDE that only supports web and cloud development. its platform agnostic since it supports any operating system like IOS, Linux, and Windows. However, it only supports web and cloud development only. No support for WPF, Windows Form, or Console application.

So what i suggest is:

  • Enrol the Visual Studio online at
  • If your team is has similar platform, you can choose Visual Studio IDE from free version such as Community to commercial one such as Ultimate
  • If your team has different platform and only develop on the web, Visual Studio codes is your solution

Happy coding!

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