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As the user of Visual Studio, we see a huge improvements on development in terms of team development. In the pas, we might use visual sourcesafe, a tfs, and now Visual Studio Online. How about, Visual Studio 2015, what’s new in ALM? this article will discuss it all about the new features of Visual Studio 2015 on Application Lifecycle Management

Coach: ALM and DevOps is better on Release Management

As Somasegar said on 2013 that DevOps is an increasingly important part of application lifecycle management and is a growing area of interest as businesses need to develop and deploy quality applications at a faster pace. The release management on new Visual Studio 2015 has an improvement feature on release plan pipeline. If in the past, team should prepare their on premise infrastructure to setup release management server. on visual studio 2015, you can use Visual Studio Online to do that.

Developers: Coding Collaboration on CodeLens

CodeLens simply a visualization of what your team do on your codes. On your VS 2015, you can see what a modification that your team do on the level type. If in the past you should get history and then compare the codes sides-by-sides today you can see just like an intellisense. The other good news is the codelens supports TFS, VS Online, and also GIT. Furthermore, you can ping the developers using a Skype for Business directly from your Visual Studio.





Tester: Debugging and Intellitrace for Your Team

I remember last time that i request my tester to test the asp.net codes using internet developer toolbar. Today, the tester can get better information by using new intellitrace on Visual Studio. He can get the same information on the code editor



Architect: Modelling gone much better with Code Maps

Code maps generation speed now much better than before. you can cancel when it’s too long. But the code much better today. The relationship can be filtered to remove unused relationship for your code. UML diagrams and Layer diagrams still there and it’s improve your code better on top-down diagram with differentiation on color on each project








That’s it the new features on Visual studio on ALM and DevOps point of view. You can find additional new features at visualstudio.com

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