Preparing your development environment

so you just build your new isv, you need to prepare your development environement. Nowadays, we have two options to build the development environment. The first one is on premise development environment and the last one is virtualized development environment. In this article, we will discuss when you choose virtualized when you use on premise or when you choose hybrids.


  • You should have sufficient infrastructure such as quality notebook, development server and others
  • Your investment will be once in a time (at least until the hardware is broken)
  • Great for ISV that has limited internet connection
  • Good for mission critical application ISV and need hogh performance application on local environment
  • The problem is you should buy a new hardware when you need a striong machine, new software


  • You should subscribe and pay the bill monthly for subscribing to Azure for example
  • You need a good and dedicated internet connection since your development environment is in the cloud
  • You have flexibility to use infrastructure as you need and as you go
  • You don’t need to think software license, new hardware, or even upgrading delay.
  • Simple approach, but you should pay the bill monthly


  • use the on-premise for local activity such as coding, use the cloud for additional activity such as testing and storing the codes
  • You can work online and offline but you should take care which one that you should work on-premise which one you should cloud
  • You can start with zero investment for SaaS such as Visual Studio Online or Bizspark program (3 years for Azure)
  • You still need investment for software license such us subscribe to MSDN subscription or buy it online.

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