The Main Values of DevOps That You Regularly Forgotten

DevOps is not a software engineering framework just like Global eXtreme Programming, Microsoft Solution Framework, or Microsoft Operation Framework. DevOps is more than that! DevOps is not about process, method, and tools, DevOps is a business culture that embodied collaboration and communication between Developer Team and Operation Team. Since it is a culture, DevOps need a lot of practices and structured activity on your organization. On this article, we will discuss the main values of DevOps.

Value 1: Culture

DevOps needs a culture to change how people behave on the organization. In the past, we know that the developer build the codes and defend the codes, meanwhile the operation gather the feedback and reporting error from the codes. The 'blaming' and 'framing' culture should be changed when we talk about the DevOps. How? There is no original and silver bullet for this culture. Culture matter is evolution not revolution. Therefore, the culture transformation need governance, policy, and even best practices after several attempts.

Value 2: Automation

DevOps needs their team to understand automation. It is not to burden the productivity by creating automation script or adding new things to learn. Automation is costly in the beginning but highly praised in the end. Just imagine, how you really enjoy the source control today, after you are grumbling to understand commit, push, and pull.

Value 3: Measurement

DevOps needs understand their own KPI (Key Performance Indicator). They should understand how DevOps can improve or limit the team. You can create your own KPI such as how many commit/week that exist on the team, how many bugs that eliminated / iteration, or even how many Azure credits are saved / month.

Value 4: Sharing

Sharing is about how fast feedback loop from our customer to our team. It is just like developer on call! Although, it seems hard for our team to keep pace with the customer request. Behind the kitchen, sharing is about how the customer feel that the DevOps team is responsive and productive. Prioritization, Scaling the urgency, and fast communication between developer and operation team is a must have.

If you feel that the values are too abstract, you are on the right mindset. Values discuss how DevOps team behave based on shared vision. Next, we will discuss the 'less' abstract model of DevOps by discussion the Principles of DevOps. See you there!

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