5 Checklist to Implement Agile Project Management

You won a project; You and Your Team is happy. But let me clarify your happiness will become a chaos or a curse if you don't manage your project well. This article will discuss 5 tips to execute Agile Project Management.

1# Exploration Phase Checklist

  • Evidence
    • Project Charter: product vision, roles & responsibilities of the team,
  • Tools
    • Software Project: Visual Studio TFS (visual studio Online)
    • Communication Tools: Microsoft Team
  • Activities
    • Team Construction (Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Writer, Developers (Designer, Programmer))
    • Team Norms Agreement (how team work such as solving problem)
    • Data Gathering with Customer

2# Planning Phase Checklist

  • Activities
    • Backlog/User Story: a small client valued function to satisfy the business objective (i.e. display the testimony)
    • Estimate for the backlog / user story
    • Creating milestone / release plan based on project charter
    • Splitting release plan to the iterations
    • Prioritizing the user story using Kanban Board on Visual Studio Online and put into iteration.
    • Agreement from the stakeholder
  • Tools
    • Similar with Envision Stages
  • Evidence
    • Release and Iteration Plan

3# Iteration Phase Checklist

  • Activities
    • Stand-up meeting with daily tasks
    • Creating project based on iteration plan
    • Deploying to staging environment
    • Testing the user story
    • Capture lessons learn, adjust expectation
  • Tools
    • To Do List like Microsoft Planner
    • Visual Studio
    • Azure or Hosted Environment
  • Evidence
    • Documentation of the released features
      • Testing Document
      • UAT Document for Customer

4# Release Phase Checklist

  • Activities
    • Review what has been delivered
    • Confirm from Customer and Business Benefit
    • Brainstorm and adapt to change (arrange sprint, modifying user story, change team member)
  • Tools
    • No specific tools needed
  • Evidence
    • User Manual and Documentation for finished features

5# Closing Phase Checklist

  • Activities:
    • Deploying to the production site
    • Closing the project
    • Documenting knowledge artifacts
  • Tools
    • No Specific
  • Evidence
    • User Manual for the entire features

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