Importing DNS Zone File to Azure DNS


One of our clients contact us. The CEO cannot access the website while he goes to another country. We checked in on our side. And we found everything alright. We check the NS discovery

We found that some of the server cannot reach the domain. Therefore, we move the DNS to Azure simply because the Azure is cloud computing that have many data center region rather than our premise data center. However, we want to make the activity is quick and simple.


Before we go to the solution, we need several software

  • Azure CLI. It is a command line interface to communicate with the Azure.
  • DNS Zone file. It a standard format that come from your previous DNS Server.
  • Azure Subscription. It a cloud subscription that can be used to manage your DNS Server


  • Create a resource group to handle several domains in one group
  • Create DNS Zone in Azure services
  • Run Azure CLI as shown in the video
  • Change the NS server from your domain panel
  • Delete the origin server after 1x24 hour.


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