Indonesian Tutorial for Unity and Visual Studio

Building Game is Fun!

Video Game is fun, building game is more fun and challenging. On this weekend, I create five videos related with the beginner tutorial in Unity 2020 and Visual Studio. You can learn for free in #VSID YouTube Channel. On the first season, we have five videos to introduce you the Unity platform, Visual Studio, and C# scripting.

  • Environment configuration. We will learn about how to setup Visual Studio 2019 and Unity 2020
  • Basic Scripting in C#. On this video, we will learn how to attach script in Unity using a C# programming language
  • Components and Assets. On this video, we will discuss how to become productive by understanding the components and assets in Unity
  • Timer Programming. On this video, we discuss how to create the timer that can be useful for many games.
  • Triggers and Events. On this video, we will discuss how to codes about triggers and events interaction between objects. For example, our player reach the coins and get a point.

You can see the Indonesian video on this playlist

See you in the season 2!

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