Implementing Corporate University in Azure and Microsoft 365

What is Corporate University?

Corporate is a formed into an association and endowed by law with the rights and liabilities of an individual. Corporate hires the talent to achieves their mission and vision. Therefore, the successful of corporation depends on the talents that joined the company. To make the talents work better, the corporate creates programs that helps the talent to achieve more. Corporate university is professional development process that organized by the corporate itself. It means the organization works just like university to prepare for the talents to have specific outcomes based on the organization specific needs.

Who is the actor of corporate university?

You can put a lot of actors for the corporate university, on this article let's just focus on the essentials:

  • Admin, a person who manages the entire system of corporate university
  • Manager, a person who assigned a talent something to learn based on the division / organization needs
  • Learner, a talent / employee that participates in learning
  • Author, a person who help to create courses
  • Mentor, a person who help to deliver a course / topic.

What are the elements of the corporate university?

We can define elements as a fundamental structure of corporate university. On corporate university, we have

  • Program, a learning plan that consist of several related courses to obtain specific skillset. For example, onboarding program will have several courses related for a new employee.
  • Course, a structured content to obtain specific knowledge or skill. For example, communication course will make sure the employee understands the basic of the business communication
  • Certification, an assessment to validate the professional development of the employee. Certification is a culminating activity to validate the skillset that learnt in a program/program.
  • Artifacts, a specific evidence that can be obtained by finishing the program, course, and certification
    • Course will obtain you an XP (eXperience Points)
    • Program will obtain you a badge
    • Certification will obtain you a certificate
  • Portfolio, a report that can be generated that shows the artifacts of the learner.

How to implement Corporate University in Your Organization

Is the corporate university can be applied in my organization?

  • Make sure your organization have a resource to implement corporate university. If you don't have resources such as author or admin. You can use exiting platform such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, and many other.
  • Make sure your organization have a policy for learning. The policy should cover
    • Learning schedule. For example, employee should finish 10 courses in a quarter
    • Benefits in career advancement. For example, employee should finish onboarding program before they join a project
  • Make sure the certificate and the other artifacts can be standardized and can be used to fulfill regulatory requirements. For example, the Microsoft Certified Professional can be used to apply information system project in a government.

How to use Azure and Microsoft 365 for Corporate University

There is a lot of system that help corporate to implement corporate university. For example, Moodle Workspace, Open EdX, and others.

  • Make sure the organization use Microsoft 365 as the organization ID
  • Make sure you activate Microsoft Teams for discussion platform
  • Make sure you implement the corporate university platform in Azure.

You can see the big picture on this picture

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