Quality Assurance of DevOps Project

When we discuss about the quality of software, we discuss about how we can deliver less bugs software and correct. This can be done by having a dedicated members that focusing in quality of a software. It can be software tester, quality assurance engineer, or software development engineering test. This article will discuss what we need to do when we have a DevOps project and need to make sure the quality of the outcome.

Failure Reason

Let's we ask ourselves, why the result of our DevOps project / Software Engineering project goes wrong?

  • Incorrect requirements
  • Team issues (productivity, miscommunication, mis-coordination)
  • Untested software (have no time to test)
  • Radical changes in software (unstable requirements)
  • Wrong architectural design (wrong technology, wrong design, wrong approaches)

What we need to do

So how we can make sure the result of the DevOps project is sufficient. And the failure risk can be reduced by the QA role.

Failure risk

QA Action

Task on DevOps

Incorrect requirements

  • Validate the user stories with the customer
  • Check the actor or roles.
  • Check the feature
  • Check the user story

Team Issues

  • Doing weekly QA based on the outcome/ deliverable
  • Learning the demonstration from the developer teams
  • Check the deliverable and commitment of the teams in Kanban board
  • Check the status of the story closed when it is tested

Untested Software

  • Retested by doing daily QA with development team
  • Retested by doing weekly QA with the customer
  • Put bugs and additional tasks to developer team
  • Creating test plan, test case, and test suite
  • Creating manual based on test result

Radical Changes in software

  • Creating meeting notes for bugs
  • Creating notes for changes
  • Put bugs and monitor the progress
  • Validates the changes, if changes is approved

Wrong architectural design

  • Discussing the information architecture issues with the development teams
  • Discussing the solution architecture with the development teams
  • Creating tasks that related with architecture changes.

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