Agile Modeling 101- Building Component Diagram

This is the third tutorial that focused to implement UML as a lite modeling based on Agile process. The main purposes of component diagram is to propse a solution based on the functional and the business process. Furthermore, the component diagram will help developer team to see a big picture before they build a prototype. In this Indonesian video you will learn. What is component diagram and why we need to build it Component dagram as the software component architecture Building component diagram in Visual Studio After viewing this video, you can create a component diagram and knows how to improve your design vision into higher level such as prototyping, enjoy

Agile Modeling 101- Building Activity Diagram

This post is a sequel of the previous post “Agile modeling 101-Building Use Case Diagram”. This post assumes that you already gather the requirement and the actor of the proposed solution. This post will guide you how to explore business process that needed to develop to capture essential part of system business process. The video will tell you the rest, some of the key point for this video are: Activity diagram captures step by step what user or system will do for a functionality described in use case. Ideally one use case will have one or more business process that described in activity diagram the activity diagram can be formatted to become usage scenario that lead as an ingredient for building user manual That’s it, enjoy the video

Agile Modeling Lite Approach

Building codes is a complex activity. Therefore, we need to build a software in a rapid way without sacrificing a basic documentation for the software. In this article, it will share an approach to build a software through UML modeling but eliminating several verbose step. This article point several activities that, we must do to build a software in a top-down model through UML modeling. These three steps which are Gathering the requirement using Use Case Understanding the business process using Activity Diagram Building the software architecture using component diagram You can read the article in Indonesian language at here or you read it online at Microsoft KB here  

Integrating MSF Agile discipline with Telerik Team Pulse and VSTS

Simple thing should be simple, complex thing should be possible. Many of the system start from small and increasing its complexity and become big and bigger. This Indonesia article will tell you two facts which are: Visual Studio is your foundation to build any kind of system either small or big system. Team Pulse and TFS will support you when you need a set integration many of Visual Studio You can download the article here

5 tips in source code management for developers

Having problem to manage your source code? or feeling inconfidence because you don’t have enough source code management. This Indonesian articlwe will share several usual tips for you and your developer team to manage your source codes bettr. You can download here or you can read here @ridife  

Information System in {ALM} Perspectives

Noewaday, information system is not about how cool the technology, how cool the solution,or how cool the featutes. It’s about how the IS can sustain the changes. Everyday people works, innovates, and creates a new way of works. The want there is also adaptives. But IS is created from a bunch of related codes. Yesterday they said enough, but today they say nothing. Beside the others software type, IS is the most demanding software and the most adapotive in a changes. so how we fight the changes..? ALM is one of the answer… In 07/01/2011, I will be invited to speak about IS in ALM Persectives. You can reach me at AMIKOM Building university from 09.00 AM till 12.00 PM. Special Thanks to Mr. Khusnawi and Mrs. Armadyah.. You can download the material below.    or you can read the article online here Want to explore more? I recommend you to read these books   Ciao @ridife

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