Selecting Rendering Engine on Umbraco 7

Umbraco 7 is on Horizon, the first thing first that you need to do when you are ready to use umbraco is selecting the rendering engine. In this post I will explain how we select the proper rendering engine for Umbraco. Let’s get started Veteran or New Generation Developer Umbraco supports two rendering engine which are WebForms and MVC. If you are the veteran developer that learn ASP.NET since 1.0 you can use the WebForms. Meanwhile, if you are the new generation developer that love MVC you can use MVC rendering engine. Webforms will use Macro, .NET User Control, MasterPages MVC will use Macro, Razor, Layout Changing Rendering Engine By default Umbraco run WebForms. However, you can change the engine on umbracoSettings.config. It is located on /Config/ folder       After that changes from MVC to WebForms or vice versa. <templates>    <!-- To switch the default rendering engine to MVC, change this value from WebForms to Mvc -->    <defaultRenderingEngine>Mvc</defaultRenderingEngine> </templates> That’s is it!, save and restart your web site to test it It will be good idea to change the rendering engine before the installation / development   Cheers @ridife

Cannot Start Windows Phone Emulator After Upgrading to Visual Studio 2013

Problem When you want to debug and deploy your windows phone appplication to your device or emulator. The Visual Studio didn’t show the option to deploy to the device or debug on emulator. When you push to debug your app you will be notified with EXCEPTION RESULT 0x8XXXXXX Cause Different configuration between Visual Studio 2012 that can’t be directly used in Visual Studio 2013 Solution Here are the solution Close your solution and Visual Studio 2013 Navigate to folder C:\Users\{YourUSerName}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Phone Tools\CoreCon\11.0 Delete The Folder Restart your VIsual Studio 2013 Cheers, @ridife

Uninstall Visual Studio 2012 to Install Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 is there, it is a weekend, so if you have a good time with your family and have no problem with these issues you can sfaely remove your Visual Studio 2012. This tutorial will show you a quick and safe uninstallation. For more detail you can reach this page Here are the step: Open the add reove programm uninstall your visual studio 2012 Uninstall the update for the products, by clicking View Installed Update Uninstall the related SDK such as Windows Phone 8 SDK, Windows Azure SDK, Office SDK, InstallShield LImited Edition and others. However, you don’t need to uninstall the SQL Server 2012 or any others related product with your TFS such as Microsoft Office Restart your PC You can install the Visual Studio 2013, now Enjoy the new blast of Visual Studio 2013, next post will describe the new ALM features of Visual Studio Cheers, @ridife

Am I Should to Upgrade My Visual Studio to 2013 version?

2013 will be over and Microsoft released the new Visual Studio 2013 yesterday. The question is: is it worthed for us to upgrade? This article will discuss are you really need an upgrade or you can wait until you need it.           Yes, let’s do the Upgrade So when you should upgrade your visual studio. Here are some a good reason why you should upgrade know. You need to utilize the Windows 8.1 platform including the javascript debugging features You have a new project about web application with Javascript and want to taste the standard and modern web application with ASP.NET 4.5.1 You get a new project and want to create better software with good Agile ALM practices You want to utilize mobile services on Azure platform. For example, you want to create windows phone app that connect to windows azure. VS 2013 will make your life easier You want to create Office Business App with the New platform for Sharepoint and Office 365 (aka. Nappa) You are using old Visual Studio 2012 without update or even VIsual Studio 2010 No, be patient to do the upgrade If you fall with several condition like below, please delay your upgrade after you finished the project You are running team project using TFS and Visual Studio 2012, and your reammate still on Visual Studio 2012 when you upgrade your Visual Studio to 2013 You have windows 8 store project that on the way to market and don’t need a speacial feature on Windows 8.1 (hub style, etc) You already have Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 and you are to busy to upgrade So in the next post, I will share about upgrade trick to Visual Studio 2013 and remove Visual Studio 2012

Nokia Music API a Good Way to Create a Music Based Application

    Today, we will explore and introduce the web services to retrieve many useful information about music called Nokia Music. Nokia music has a good foundation for a developer who wants to create music based application on Windows Phone. Let’s get started Registering your personal API Key at  Click add a new app, and fill your app name, description, and click save. Keep your client id and client secret Now, you can start your visual studio and create a project on Windows Phone 8 Using Nuget you can download the latest library, On your visual studio 2012, you can select the Tools menu and click the extension and updates. Select the Online tab and search Nuget Package Manager. You need to restart your visual studio You will find a new menu tools – library package manager - console package manager, and you can visit the script to install is Install-Package NokiaMusic You can read the capability of the Nokia Music API here Calling the API seem too simple, you can use the MusicClient class like below. MyAppID contains your client ID. After creating the client object, you can use client object to call many function MusicClient client = new MusicClient(MyAppId); The full capability of the API can be seen on this picture A good example is called Music Explorer you can download the full source code here or the project here Happy coding, @ridife

Windows Store Gaming Platform

In this slide deck, I will share you a basic understanding of Windows Store Gaming Platform with Visual Studio 2012. If you visit the DevCamp Windows Store Game Development, you will get plenty of demos from me. See you there on the event. If you miss the event you can see the slidedeck here \

How to Submit an App to Windows Store

In this video I will show you the basic tutorial to submit an application to Windows Store. This tutorial assume that you already have verified Windows Store Account. Windows Store account can be bought start from 50$ or free (for eligible University/School). This 7 minutes video will cover the basic tip. It has Indonesian subtitle on it. Enjoy Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Cheers, @ridife

Android & IOS in Visual Studio 2012 World

It’s a holiday I create a short tutorial to install Android and ISO development support using Visual Studio through Xamarin software. Here are the several steps to do that. You need to download several dependencies such as Java SDK version 1.6 or later, Android SDK, GTK# and of course Xamarin. I prefer download separately rather than using Xamarin to do that. Install JDK first After the installation finish continue with Android SDK release 21 (as shown in Figure) Having issues in installation and SDK said that “it can’t find the JDK, just create a JAVA_HOME Variable and point it out to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_43 After the Android installation, you don’t need to open the SDK Manager, you can continue to GTK Sharp development. After the GTK Installation you can start the Xamarin Installer. It will download the latest update of Xamarin and Mono toolkit for about 1 GB. Prepare your connection. If you fail in the middle of download you can continue later. so don’t worry. After the installation, you can start your visual studio 2012. As you can see in the figure, we have Android and IOS project template You can obtain the trial version of this Xamarin for free, after that if you need to develop with Visual Studio you can buy they license for $999 or lower (this expensive for me). That’s it, I will post the next exploration to create some hello world project with Visual Studio and Android.

Visual Studio Update 2 Offline Download

If you already know we have update 2 on the town (I means CTP 4 when I wrote it today). By default you can download it here You can download the offline download by follow this tricks Open command prompt In command prompt call “VS2012.2 CTP” /layout The dialog of Visual Studio will open up Select you download location You are ready to go!, be patient … a huge download !

Getting Started with Cloud TFS

  There is a good news for a small, medium and business ISV, such as Bizspark and new Microsoft Startup. Starting from October 2012, a cloud TFS service is free for sometime and will be charged in the middle of 2013. You can sign up free at This blog post will guide step-by-step to activate this feature while it free. Sign up to use your Windows Live / Microsoft Account Create your unique URL with a format Configure your TFS into your visual studio. You can do this by opening Visual Studio 2012 and then connect to the TFS  Click the Servers button and fulfill your unique URL. Visual Studio will load the Live ID identity providers. Just login with your Windows Live ID. In Visual Studio, You can configure you source control by selecting Tools, Options, Source Control, and Select Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Control. Click OK to save the configuration Bring back to your browser you can create a new project by creating New Team Project Creating a new project by submitting basic information such as project name, description, and process template. We will discuss the process template later but for now you can choose the conventional one (CMMI), Casual Agile (XP,), and Scrum. Create a new project and don’t forget to add to subversion.. You can also do that later in Solution Explorer menu (Right click on it and select Add to Source Conrol) Building your codes do a check-in and finished your software. In the next post, I will discuss an Agile model in this TFS online. Enjoy your holiday @ridife

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