Information System in {ALM} Perspectives

Noewaday, information system is not about how cool the technology, how cool the solution,or how cool the featutes. It’s about how the IS can sustain the changes. Everyday people works, innovates, and creates a new way of works. The want there is also adaptives. But IS is created from a bunch of related codes. Yesterday they said enough, but today they say nothing. Beside the others software type, IS is the most demanding software and the most adapotive in a changes. so how we fight the changes..? ALM is one of the answer…

In 07/01/2011, I will be invited to speak about IS in ALM Persectives. You can reach me at AMIKOM Building university from 09.00 AM till 12.00 PM. Special Thanks to Mr. Khusnawi and Mrs. Armadyah..

You can download the material below.



 or you can read the article online here

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