Security in The Microsoft Azure

Security is one of the key foundations in the cloud computing. On this session, we will discuss about the related product and services in the cloud. The product and services will help you to setup the security in the cloud computing perimeters.

Security Center

Security center is just like anti-virus system in the cloud. It is a control center to manage security management and threat protection. Some scenario for the use of security center are:

  • Hybrid scenario
  • Ensure the VM is on top security list
  • Protecting data
  • Protecting the cloud app

Application Gateway

Application gateway is just like firewall in the cloud environment. It ensures web application firewall, sql injection protection, cross-site scripting, end-to-end SSL, Efficient SSL overload.

Azure Active Directory

AAD is identity metasystem that integrated with the Azure to provide single sign on, resources access, and integrated modern authentication

DDOS Protection

This helps you to protect distributed DOS in the cloud environment.

Key vaults

This helps you to manage the keys of your cryptography keys and distribute it seamlessly

Azure Information Protection

This helps you to manage email, documents and sensitive data that you share outside the company. It protects data based on sensitivity. It supports ease of deployment and data protection.


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