5 Things that you need to build Video Games in Windows Ecosystem

Windows is the most preferred platform for playing games. Steam,  Games for Windows, Origin, and many run on Windows Platform. The huge market of Windows is combined with the existing infrastructure for developing a game. Here are 5 things that you need to know to build Windows Game.

Game engine

You can select many game engine for Windows. You will find Unreal, Unity, Coco, and DirectX is well integrated with Visual Studio. Pro Tips: Go for COCOS and Unity if you are novice developer. Having more knowledge? go with Unreal and DirectX. Visit here to learn more

Azure PlayFab

Building game today is not seperated with the multiplayer and internet. Therefore, we need specific development scenario. Azure Playfab provides you a set of game development scenario that can be used for you to build a video game. You will learn about how to authenticate player and store their score. providing interaction between players. providing support for microtransaction, and many more. You cam learn Azure Playfab here

Multiplayer Platform with Xbox Live

Xbox Live provides game developer to use social platform, player data, and multiplayer through API. You can use Xbox Live to access the social features, cloud storage for storing game saves, and multiplayer data. You can visit here to learn more about multiplayer with xbox live.

Windows Game Development 

Windows Game Development provides a gaming platform that use DirectX for Windows Platform or Xbox devices. You can also join Xbox developer program through ID@XBOX. you can learn how to develop for Windows10 System here

Xbox Game Development

Xbox Game Development provides a gaming platform for Xbox devices. You can learn how to access SDK, DDK, and publishing Xbox Game as shown here

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