Analyzing Azure Boards in Excel

One of my collages asks me how to obtain azure board data to excel. On this article, we will obtain the azure board data in azure devops into the excel

Certainly! Here are two approaches to extract data from Azure DevOps and get it into an Excel spreadsheet:

1.Using Azure DevOps Query and Export

  •     - Step 1: Open your Azure DevOps project.
  •     - Step 2: Create a query that retrieves the work items you're interested in. Customize the query to include the necessary fields (e.g., Description, Steps).
  •     - Step 3: Group the work items based on your criteria (e.g., Assigned To, Work Item Type).
  •     - Step 4: Click on **"Export to Excel"** from the query results. This will export the grouped work items along with the specified fields into an Excel file.
  •     - Step 5: Open the exported Excel file to view the data.

2. Using Microsoft Query in Excel:

  •     - Step 1: In Excel, go to the **Data** tab and choose **"From Other Sources"** -> **"From Microsoft Query"**.
  •     - Step 2: Select the **AzureDevOps DSN** (Data Source Name).
  •     - Step 3: Use the **Query Wizard** to create or edit queries. Expand the node for the table (e.g., Work Items) you want to import into your spreadsheet.
  •     - Step 4: Choose the required columns (e.g., Description, Steps).
  •     - Step 5: Import the data into your Excel spreadsheet.

The second steps need excel integration that can be downloaded here 

Remember that these steps allow you to extract specific data from Azure DevOps work items and incorporate it into your Excel files for further analysis or reporting. Happy data extraction! 🚀

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