Software Development Process for Small Startup

Providing lean process in software development process is tempting. A lot of tools provide end-to-end software development process. In this article, we discuss about essentiall steps that is needed to manage and to evaluate the software development process. these steps will help startup who want manage the software project with small investment and less complexity. Step 1 - Setup Source Code vers... [More]

5 Tools that You Need to Have as a Business Analyst

Business analyst plays a great role to make sure the software project successful. The definition of success from the point of view of a business analyst is that there is a match between the product produced and the customer's needs. Understanding the user is the most important thing done by a BA. In other words, documenting what the client needs and having empathy with the client is what business ... [More]

How to Fix your cached credentials have expired. Please sign-in again in Office 365 Pro Plus

Problem You open your Windows Folder that synced with the OneDrive for Business / OneDrive Account. The document opened correctly but it can be saved with the following error Cannot save the document, and you are requested to save a copy Your cached credentials have expired. Please sign-in again in Office 365 Pro Plus Causes There are so many causes for this case The office cache issues Th... [More]

3 Steps to solve Windows 10 Random Errors

Symptom You find your windows 10 has random errors. From screen blinking, application crashing, slow response on opening application, and random crashing in startup or shutdown. Causes There are so many reasons to make the windows 10 unstable. It might be medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet... [More]

OneNote and OneNote 2016, which one is better?

In the last year, Microsoft discontinued the OneNote 2016. Microsoft replaces it with OneNote App that can be installed through Microsoft Store. According some review Microsoft OneNote app still lag behind with the OneNote 2016. Therefore, Microsoft still provide OneNote 2016 as a free software. Today we will compare the OneNote vs OneNote 2016, so you can keep which one that suite with your need.... [More]

How To: Integrating Microsoft Graph API in Your ASP.NET MVC

Problem You want to develop web application that use data from Microsoft Graph especially data from Office 365. You already follow the tutorial from Microsoft Docs, but you need to find a better and quick integration with Visual Studio 2019 by minimizing the codes development medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; ... [More]

Office 365 Development Scenario

in the previous post, I discussed about the choice for the developer to develop in the top of Office 365 platform. Today I will discuss about what kind of scenario and proper technology that you can use to build proper scenario for your customer. // Single Sign on Scenario This is the most useful scenario. Office 365 works as a cloud identity provider. You can register your office 365 tenant... [More]

Office 365 Development Platform Choice

On this Indonesian video, we will discuss about platform overview to develop Office 365 solution and customization. On this video, we will show you two options to build solution in Office. The first option is using Graph API and the second one is using Add-Ins development. The Add-Ins development provides choices starting from VBA, VSTO, Add-in template, Add-in Application, and of course the brand... [More]

5 Things that you need to build Video Games in Windows Ecosystem

Windows is the most preferred platform for playing games. Steam,  Games for Windows, Origin, and many run on Windows Platform. The huge market of Windows is combined with the existing infrastructure for developing a game. Here are 5 things that you need to know to build Windows Game. Game engine You can select many game engine for Windows. You will find Unreal, Unity, Coco, and DirectX is w... [More]

Five Things that you do in Visual Studio 2019 to Improve your codes

Building codes is one of the top missions of any software developer in the world. Improving our codes to improve code readability, maintenance, and performance. Today, we will discuss five things that you can do to improve your code's quality by using Visual Studio. Let's get started   // #1 Code analyzers This is a good feature to understand your codes better. This technique uses FX c... [More]

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