Tips to Prepare Your Imagine Cup

Whether you join Imagine cup or imagine cup junior. You can follow these tips to get better visibility of your product with your judge. You can follow ten tips to improve and prepare your Imagine Cup / Imagine Cup Junior. Give your team a good name (an English One) Give your project name that easy to remember (English) Choose the correct category based on your solution Create polishing vide... [More]

10 Questions on Video Game Development

As a game developer, you might ask a lot of questions to make sure your game is acceptable in the market. You might have questions regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of the game development. On this article, we want to discuss ten questions that might be raised when developing video game. The questions are sorted by the frequency of the game developer. What kind of genre that we s... [More]

Video Game Development with Scrum

Building video game is difficult. You can find the reason why the video game development is hard on this article. Why the video game development is hard? ( Today we will discuss how to reduce the difficulty by creating a time plan for the video game development. On this article, we will use Scrum as a software method to build the video game. This article will divide into three major ... [More]

What Software that You Need to develop a software?

Some people said that visual studio is enough. Some people said visual studio is just for developing a software. In software development cycle we need more than visual studio. In this article, we want to inventory the software and the service that you will use to develop a software. Let's start. #1 Microsoft Teams. Microsoft teams or similar software is mandatory to do interaction between you a... [More]

What Project Cost that You Need to Calculate

Discussing the software project, we need to identify any costs that related with the software project. By identifying any cost in the software project we can eliminate the risk of hidden cost that will become a problem someday. This article will discuss what cost that will be happen in a software project The Triangle of Cost You have only three types of cost that you should care. Human resour... [More]

C++ Getting Started in Visual Studio Codes

Although my favorite IDE is Visual Studio, sometimes I use Visual Studio Codes to create, to learn, and to run simple codes. On this article, we want to show you how to prepare, develop, and run the C++ codes on Visual Studio Codes. Let's get started. #1 Installing the extension After you install the Visual Studio codes, you can start the extension installation. Go to the extensions (Ctrl+Shift+... [More]

Why the video game development is hard?

the video game development is hard, with several reasons - It combines between arts and engineering. In order to create a good game you should care about the good arts. Although game can be run by ready to use asset, creating unique video game needs unique assets - it designed to give good interaction and better experience. Therefore, creating good video games needs a good storyline and good m... [More]

Building Entertainment Game for 24 Hours

If you have three days to build entertainment game like platformer, adventure, or classic shooting. You can use these tips to build your knowledge to build entertainment video game. Step 1. Find your Game Idea by playing a video game (1 hour) Visit the marketplace and try several video games. If possible, find the full samples of your games. Try to play it around. And do some mods with their gam... [More]

Big Data Getting Started

This article is accompanying article that is written to enrich the Big Data events on 19 March 2022. This article will help to prepare to learn big data. The fact is the big data is becoming pervasive with the others term like an AI, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning or even Robotic. However, having knowledge to understand how big data works and how to create Big data ecosystem. Are you rea... [More]

Virtual Desktop, Lab Services, and VM Comparison

When you have requirements to give your users an access to the virtual computer in the cloud, you will have several options. Virtual Machine. A traditional model of virtualization. Just thinking about your pc is to be virtualized Lab Services. A scheduled based VM that can be allocated and deallocated when you needed. VD – Virtual Desktop. A modern and managed controlled VM with additional i... [More]

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