Understanding Cloud Computing as Enabler

Cloud is anywhere, from the consumer to the enterprise. Many of them already adopt the cloud. Cloud computing is not only a technology but culture that you might need to understand. We start to see the benefit cloud for personal such as storing files with better flexibility in access and space. Organization sees a cloud as enabler to expand their business without invest on capital expense. You can... [More]

SOLID Principle is still work in the modern era?

The SOLID era There are three things that early programmer knows in the object-oriented programming (OOP) concept. OOP Pillars: Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation. It is a basic pillar that programmer should know how to develop software with OO in mind. SOLID Principle: developer principles when want to build solution with OOP Pillars. Design Patterns: a ready to use recipe... [More]

The Simplicity in User Manual

User manual is still needed. However, it should as simple as possible. The real question is, what the content of user manual that can be as simple as possible and provide simplicity guide for the user. This article will guide it for you. If you are Scrum or XP user, this agile user manual is for you. This is the improvement of my previous post Creating Agile User Manual (ridilabs.net) What you P... [More]

DevCon 2021 Indonesia Quick Summary

Accelerating Indonesia digital economy, that is the DevCon 2021 theme for Indonesia. It is held online with total duration about 6 hours. So, what will you get in this DevCon 2021 Indonesia? Announcement about the Indonesian data center for Azure. Microsoft to establish first datacenter region in Indonesia as part of Berdayakan Ekonomi Digital Indonesia initiative - Microsoft Stories Asia Visu... [More]

Getting Started Big Data Analytics in The Cloud

Learning big data is a big topic with a big commitment. You might know the hype of the big data. Big data is useful for today environment when we collected a lot of data for our business. The five V principles of Big data which is volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value; allow us to understand why the big data is so promising and special. On this article, we will show you some curated mater... [More]

Managing Machine Learning Project in VS Code

When Your Application Need an Intelligence You want to create application that want to utilize the machine learning. In the past, you need to prepare your computing environment and several tools such as TensorFlow and others. Today, you can manage your machine learning project easily with Visual Studio Codes. Basically, Visual Studio Codes will help you to generate script and run the script to t... [More]

Call Graph API in PowerApps

Requirements We build PowerApps for the internal organization through the Canvas Model. And we need to read some useful information from the Graph API for user properties. Solution You have multiple way to read the User on The Office 365. Use the User function. If you just need email and name you can use this. You can read the detail here Use the Office365User. If you need access more... [More]

Getting Started Java with Visual Studio Code

Java is anywhere! Unfortunately, Java is not supported in Visual Studio 2019. You cannot build Spring in Visual Studio. The good news is you can start build java with Visual Studio Codes. Java is officially supported through JDK + Extension + Visual Studio Codes. Microsoft provides one single package namely Coding Pack for Java. You can install coding pack Java for Coding Pack Java for Windows ... [More]

Database Deployment in Visual Studio

A software project should have a database. You can use SQL or no-SQL database. You choose SQL when you work with structured data that should have specific constraint and schema. You choose no-SQL if you prefer a simple and high-performance data access. Visual Studio officially support both databases. On this article, we discuss what database option that we have and how to choose the correct option... [More]

Five Tips to Improve Your Productivity on a new year

Year is a just year, basically is just a calendar that show you a moment to reset and to improve yourself. It just like iteration on a software. And the software is You. If the software is a lot of bug, so you must fix it. If the software has few bugs, it is a good time to improve the performance add the feature. And many more! Today, we will discuss how to improve your productivity in 2021. Let'... [More]

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