5 diagnostic tips to Improve Your Windows 10 Performance

My Notebook crashed 4 times in a day. The screen is freezing and the operating system is not responding. before you throw your notebook into the dark room is a good idea for you to understand the cause and to propose what you need to do to improve your Windows 10 Performance. These five diagnostics things that you need to do. Step 1. Performance diagnostic report Just type 'perfmon /report' on... [More]

How to Navigate WhatsApp Share Location with Waze

Problem Your friend shared the location through WhatsApp and you want to use Waze as your default navigation rather than Google Maps. Notes: this technique can be used only with Waze. Here Maps, Bing Maps, or any others can be used with this techniques. Solution Open your location on WhatsApp by clicking the links. There are two types share link model and share location model    Op... [More]

Empowering DevOps Collaboration with Microsoft Whiteboard

On 25 May 2018, Microsoft Office 365 provides a new app namely Microsoft Whiteboard (MW). MW is a software that empowers collaboration among members to share their thought on a digital whiteboard. It remembers me with the whiteboard feature on Skype for Business. You might ask what the difference between MW and Whiteboard feature on Skye for Business (SFB)? And what benefit on me as a developer? T... [More]

Engineering Design on Information System Development

Creating information system is not difficult with the help of software and today computing technology. However, to make information system that can help organization or business to develop their business and sustain their business is not an easy task. Therefore, the engineering design takes places. If you want to build and to operate the information system, these are four important things that you... [More]

Does the Bot Have A Future? Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 Yogyakarta

Does the bot have a future? This is the real question that we are proposed on Global Azure Bootcamp 2018, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. With the specific theme we discuss three main topics which are Building Smart Apps with Bot Framework, Building Intelligence Apps with Xamarin and Cognitive Services, and Understanding the Azure Infrastructure on Video Games. It is attended by 52 participants. Opening... [More]

Bot Fundamental Concept

One of the biggest way to build a smart apps are by putting conversation knowledge to your app. Bot is one of the most demand application on any domain. This article will discuss about the bot fundamental concept before discussing about how to create the bot uses bot framework. Bot Basic Architecture Just imagine how Cortana works when you said "show me weather for today". She changes the voic... [More]

5 Checklist to Implement Agile Project Management

You won a project; You and Your Team is happy. But let me clarify your happiness will become a chaos or a curse if you don't manage your project well. This article will discuss 5 tips to execute Agile Project Management. 1# Exploration Phase Checklist Evidence Project Charter: product vision, roles & responsibilities of the team, Tools Software Project: Visual Studio TFS (visual stud... [More]

Building Xamarin IOS in The Cloud

You might want a way how to develop iOS without buying Mac? The quick answer for this is MacInCloud. MacInCloud is a good way when you: Seasonal developer, or just create a mac app for one or two months. It is definitely cheap with 29$ / month with VTST Build agents plan Having a reliable connection to the cloud / internet You are don't have a budget to buy mini mac that cost you 500$ Quick ... [More]

Do We Need Microsoft Flow?

Imagine that you want to automate your daily task such as uploading an attachment from an email to your OneDrive. In the past, you can do that by creating an app and then use the provided API. Those tasks can only happen if you have a programming skill. But today, the communication between one service to the other services can be easily implemented with Microsoft Flow technology. Microsoft Technol... [More]

5 Things that you need to know before doing Load Testing

So, we have the application and we want to do load test. Before we do a load test, this is five things that you need to need to consider before you want to do load test. #1 Load testing doesn't support UI Code testing (for Now) If you want to do load test with specific activity such as buying or shipping. You can record to the UI Coded testing but you can't do that on a load test. #2 You can'... [More]

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