20 Steps to Manage Agile Project

If you want to develop quality product you should have the standard of your quality. One of the management frameworks to create a product is Scrum and DevOps. On this article, I will show you 20 steps to build quality product with proper steps. Before the 20 steps let's understand the roles of each member. Account manager: a person who manages business matters and project management matters. P... [More]

Domain-Centric Architecture

Domain Centric architecture is a way to build a software with clean architecture mindset. Clean architecture is designed to make the software resilience and have better changes management in term of codes. Domain centric focuses in domain or model. So this architecture is designed to facilitate changes and resilience in model. Business process changes is the focus of the domain centric. Therefore,... [More]

Measuring the Developer Workload

Measure what you can measure, I believe in order to understand the problem of productivity is by measuring the velocity of the developer based on the workload. The question is how to measure the developer workload. let's discuss on this article.   The Metrics   the metric that can be measured in various way. In Agile, we will use story point. However, story point is relative measure... [More]

Structuring the Need of Our Customer

Building software is easy, even a person in kindergarten that loves to code can create software to write hello world in a nice Windows. However, building useful software is another story, even a veteran software developer will face challenge. So the real question is whether we can mitigate the risk by developing 'correct software' or transferring the risk into ready to use software. On this articl... [More]

The Sprint on Azure DevOps

Project Management in The Real World Having project management in Agile environments are not easy task, the project management become challenging and chaotic because changes, hidden requirements and ambiguity. Even using an Agile process doesn't mean that everything under control. Disciplining the team with the process and the tools are the one option to make sure the project management is aligne... [More]

Agile Project Management

Agile project management means implementing project management in agile ways. so the next question is what are the differences between agile and conventional project management. On this article, we will discuss five keys different in Agile Project management - Agile project management means iterative and incremental. Agile project management (APM) works based on the timebox, iterative and incre... [More]

Automation Scenario in Microsoft Platform

When we discuss the automation, we already have the answer "Power Automate". However, there are more way to automate the data or file beside the Power Automate. On this article, we will discuss three ways to automate your solution. Scenario 1. Using Power Automate Let say you want to compose the automation between the web application. For example, you want to connect between twitter, email, and... [More]

Definition of Start and Definition of Done in Software Project

When building a software project. You might have a way to define when to start the software project and when to finish a software project. On this article, we will discuss about the definition of start and definition of done in software project. The definition of start will discuss when a good time to start a project. While the definition of done will discuss when a good time to deliver the softwa... [More]

Requirements Changes Management in Product Backlog

Changes are not avoided; every perfect requirement might have been changed when the project run. In this article, we will discuss five things that you can do when changes happen. On this article, we assume you already have the Azure DevOps. We will use Scrum discipline. So, let's get started. Write down the changes It is good idea to write down the changes and discuss it with customers. My idea... [More]

Product Backlog with Example in Azure DevOps

Many of the readers, ask me how to create 'the right' product backlog in Azure DevOps. How to make sure that the requirement is correct and sufficient for developing a software. If you already read the previous article here. You will find the basic information about the fields in Azure Boards. If you go further to complete the requirements, you should combine the azure boards fields with the Scrum... [More]

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