The Cloud is Shared Responsibility

If you think the cloud is worry free, you might be on the wrong way. Yesterday, my customer told me that their VM is locked, the database is hijacked, and all the files are encrypted. The hacker requests bitcoin to decrypt the files. It should not happen! My customer said. They blame us as a partner. Cloud is shared responsibility Cloud is shared responsibility; it means you can't expect the e... [More]

Software Development Best Practices

As a software engineer, i feel overwhelming with the software development process. Although, it's been more than decades to learn about it and plus my doctoral degree is in software engineering. i don't have any confidence that our software will have less bugs, better performance, and stable architecture. This is because several reasons such as: requirements changes lack of better architecture... [More]

Becoming Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer has two parts. The first part is competency as Cloud Solution Architect. The Second part is competency as Cloud DevOps Engineer. On this post, we will discuss the first part of cloud solution architect. This article will guide you how to learn and to become Cloud Solution Architect. Whether you go with Azure or go with others cloud provider. You might not get wrong, if the cloud pla... [More]

The Bugs Sprint

Once in your development time, you will face a term namely "Bugs Sprint". Bugs sprint is a term when the entire sprint is running for solving the bugs. The bug's sprint is a nightmare because: It's contra productive, your team will fix the bugs rather than build a feature. It's draining, your team will face to fix the bugs and may be created another bug (we name it as regression) It's costly, t... [More]

CoreWCF for People who Love Web Service

In the early 2000, there is a term namely web service. Web service in .NET can be developed in various ways. Starting from Web Services through web services (ASMX), The complete messaging transport through WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), and modern REST approach by using WEB API. Lately, Microsoft provides you a new way to use WCF in simple way. The name is CoreWCF   CoreWCF... [More]

Put AI on Your Web Application

If you need to put an AI into your web application. You have two options. The first possibility is to build from scratch by using machine learning services such as Azure machine learning studio or use the ready to use API from Azure Cognitive Services. Both solutions provide you with the API endpoint that can be used throughout your web application. On this article, we will discuss about how to pr... [More]

CMS or Not CMS

Nowadays, we have two options to build web application. The first option is using web application framework such as ASP.NET core, ASP.NET web form, Django, and many mpore. The second option is using web application Content Management System such as Umbraco, Kentico, Dotnetnuke, or Orchard. On this article, we will discuss when to build with CMS vs Framework. CMS CMS is built with the existing fr... [More]

Tips to Prepare Your Imagine Cup

Whether you join Imagine cup or imagine cup junior. You can follow these tips to get better visibility of your product with your judge. You can follow ten tips to improve and prepare your Imagine Cup / Imagine Cup Junior. Give your team a good name (an English One) Give your project name that easy to remember (English) Choose the correct category based on your solution Create polishing vide... [More]

10 Questions on Video Game Development

As a game developer, you might ask a lot of questions to make sure your game is acceptable in the market. You might have questions regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of the game development. On this article, we want to discuss ten questions that might be raised when developing video game. The questions are sorted by the frequency of the game developer. What kind of genre that we s... [More]

Video Game Development with Scrum

Building video game is difficult. You can find the reason why the video game development is hard on this article. Why the video game development is hard? ( Today we will discuss how to reduce the difficulty by creating a time plan for the video game development. On this article, we will use Scrum as a software method to build the video game. This article will divide into three major ... [More]

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