Modern Application Choice

Today you might need a software to help your business grow. And you have a lot of choice. On this article, we want to discuss general and logical thinking when building application based on today development toolkit. You can find the logical thinking by following this flow. Flow 1. Is your application is already fulfilled by buying off the shelf software? If yes. It means you can buy the softwar... [More]

Cloud Native

Are you really building in top of the cloud? When we are building in the cloud. Are we really build in the top of the cloud? Or we just lift and shift our solution to the cloud? When we are building the solution to the cloud. We have two options. Using the current technology that build before the cloud but supported with the cloud. For example, you build web solution and you host it int... [More]

Seven Missing Tips for Your Microsoft Teams Meeting

Meeting-Meeting and Meeting. Nowadays, we love online meeting so much. And if you are using Microsoft Teams. These 7 tips will give you better productivity and less problem when doing meeting. Tips 1 – Be Prepared when join a Meeting Yes, whether you host or join the meeting. Preparation is a must step. Check your camera apply your virtual background first Mute the speaker icon Changes the... [More]

Calculating Investment for Cloud Virtual Lab

Do You Need Virtual Lab? Imagine you have a practice course (Lab course) such as object-oriented programming or game programming. Your student is work from home and they need computer to build their video games / apps. Some of the student doesn't have sufficient hardware, but for them is impossible to use the lab during the pandemic. Therefore, the campus should facilitate them by providing virtu... [More]

Improving Windows 11 Performance

When you need a fast pace of your work. You need an efficient PC without slow or lag. On this, article we will discuss five tips how to improve Windows 11 performance Configuring Windows 11 visual for better performance Configuring Game Mode for better foreground process Configuring Graphics configuration  Cleanup disk dan improving performance of your disk  Setting configuration ... [More]

Migrating Google Drive to OneDrive for Business

Problem Google said they will cut off the unlimited support storage for non-enterprise customer "Google is Killing Unlimited Drive Storage for Non-Enterprise Users | PetaPixel" . So if you are the user of the Google Drive is a good indication you should move from the Google Drive to another platform. One of the promised platforms is Office 365. This because: If you are academic, NGO, and SMB. ... [More]

OOAD a quick way

OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis Design) is an old term in the 90'. OOAD focused in developing software in object oriented approach. Implementing OOAD means implement object oriented concept when developing a software, it sound an easy task but in reality it needs a quick, comprehensive, and domain knowledge. if OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is how to make a software with object oriented model, ... [More]

What You Need to Learn in Game Development with Unity

Playing video game is good, Building video game is great. Building game for today is easier than before. This is because a lot of tool that you can use to build a game. One of the great tool to develop Video Game is Unity. Unity is a video game tool for anyone, starting from personal, small startup, to the enterprise. There are a lot of game made by Unity. On this article, I will focus on the lear... [More]

Moving Azure Resources easily with Azure Resource Mover

Problem In the past, we move the azure resource through three ways. Snapshot and copy Scripting through PowerShell's Redeploy the solution It has a lot of activities and manual actions. If you have a lot Solution Today, we have a new way to deploy the azure resources namely Azure Resource Mover. You can watch the video here

How to keep requirements stable

Everytime, i meet with customer. i feel so happy. This is the first meeting to discuss the requirements. Creating product backlog, creating features, and creating business constraints quites fun. Just imagine, how happy when we get the new project. It means new income, new hope, and new experience. The dream is washed after we in the middle of the projecr. The missing features, the bugs, tha chang... [More]

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