7 Signs that You Need A New Laptop

Every year we see a new laptop model. Our hearts will certainly be interested in promising performance, new processors, more memory, to adequate graphics support for modern games. The real question is, is it time for us to replace our laptops with new laptops. Here are 7 signs that it's time we replace our laptops with new models.   #1 Battery is suck  One of the main things in a port... [More]

Solution Search Box is showing blank screen in Windows 10

Problem You want to search your files. Unfortunately, the search box display blank display. You already reset and restart windows search services but the problem still there. Possible Cause  This problem might be caused the Microsoft plan to improve the search experience and might be related with the Cortana shutdown ? Solution The solution for this problem is relative simple Please m... [More]

Five tips for changes management

Building software is not like building a home. There are a lot of changes after the software is developed. Today, we will discuss five tips to reduce changes. Let's get started Tips 1 - Requirements lock Before you accept the project make sure that you already know the business process, shared vision, and commitment between your customer and you. You can do that by creating changes management ru... [More]

Solving Can’t Sign in with Office 365 on Azure App Services

Problem We face a unique problem. After a certain time, our azure web sites can't allow the user to sign in through Office 365 authentication. This problem is annoying since it won't let the user sign in after a certain time. Causes This problem happens only when Office 365 authentication was combined with the Azure App Services. We don't find a problem when we use traditional hosting. This mi... [More]

Process Flow on Business Requirement

What is Process Flow In this session we want to show you how to capture business requirement especially the process flow. In the requirement mark-up language (RML), process flow discusses a business process that will be executed by people. Process flow show the activities to be performed. There are two types of process flow the first process flow is done by the people the second one is done by th... [More]

Teams and Moodle, What Scenario to Expect

If you are in an academic environment, then you are certainly familiar with Moodle. Moodle is the most widely used e-learning platform because it is open source and has many features. Moodle has been widely used in high schools to universities. Microsoft Teams on the one hand is a new application for collaboration and communication. A reincarnation of Skype for Business that applies the success of... [More]

Migrating Your SQL Server Database into Lower Version

Problem You have an old database (i.e. SQL Server 2012) from the production. After that, you restore it into SQL Server 2016. After your work, you restore it into your production server to SQL Server 2012. Your restore fail. medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "858385152"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; ... [More]

Utilizing OneNote and Microsoft Teams to Manage Software Project

A good way does not always a good thing We already know that Azure DevOps and many project management tools provide a good way to manage a project. However, sometimes it doesn't work for your team. This article will discuss how to implement Lean Software Development Process with small investment for small startup. This article is a next chapter of this article. Let's get started ... [More]

Software Development Process for Small Startup

Providing lean process in software development process is tempting. A lot of tools provide end-to-end software development process. In this article, we discuss about essentiall steps that is needed to manage and to evaluate the software development process. these steps will help startup who want manage the software project with small investment and less complexity. Step 1 - Setup Source Code vers... [More]

5 Tools that You Need to Have as a Business Analyst

Business analyst plays a great role to make sure the software project successful. The definition of success from the point of view of a business analyst is that there is a match between the product produced and the customer's needs. Understanding the user is the most important thing done by a BA. In other words, documenting what the client needs and having empathy with the client is what business ... [More]

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