Is creating information architecture worth?

Building software is not as easy task as before. Nowadays software become more complex. The complexity comes from its usage scenario or its technical aspect. DevOps team needs to do any developments and operations tasks efficiently so that unnecessary step can be excluded in the process. One way to find out what content is needed in an application is to use an information architecture. then is inf... [More]

Software Testing Tips for Your Software

Building a software is good but testing a software will be great. Today we will discuss what kind of basic testing that you need when you built a software. This article will discuss three fundamental testing that can be done with minimal effort to improve the quality of your software. Unit testing Actor: Developer Unit testing is fundamental test to understand the functionality of the software.... [More]

How to consume REST Based API

Hi Folks, today i will share about how to consume REST Web Based API in .NET. This post will resume the entire way to consume REST API from Web, Desktop, and Xamarin. Let's get started.  Why the REST web API important? Because the REST based API replaces the previous techhnology such as Web Services, Remoting, and common TCP/IP communication. the simplification of the REST gives developer m... [More]

Five tips extending your battery in Windows 10

Hi There, If you are a mobile user, the battery is one of the essential things to make your work longer without plugging in. Today we will discuss short tips about how to make your battery longer. You can use these tips on your Windows 10. Adjusting Battery Saver Windows 10 has a good battery saver to make your battery life longer. There is four levels of the battery saver function in windows. ... [More]

Fastest Way to Update Your Windows 10

After looking for some way to update my Windows 10 to the latest version which is 1509 December 2018 update. I found several thinks that can make your Windows 10 updated so flawlessly. Here are three tips to make your Windows 10 update faster. It shows from the fastest one to the slowest one. I recommend you update your Windows for faster, more features, and secure. Tips 1. Downloading the Window... [More]

Five Things Before Upgrading Your PC

If this new year you want to upgrade your PC and recycle the old one. This post will guide you to prepare and to migrate your old PC into a new one. This is five  tips that you need to do before upgrading your PC. Tips 1. Sync Your Important FIle to the Cloud and Local  You should choose your cloud storage provider. For example, i choose to use OneDrive to store my personal photos and ... [More]

Building Hands on Lab with Azure DevTest Lab Services

Why Using Azure DevTest for Hands on Lab If you host a hackathon, manage a lab work, or provide service for a workshop. Azure DevTest is a good solution to facilitate your infrastructure. Although Azure DevTest primarily designed for developer and tester who want to test the product. Azure DevTest can be used to facilitate the infrastructure for a hackathon, lab work, or workshop for some reasons... [More]

Is Android Tablet Suitable for IT Worker?

If you are mobile worker, you might have a dream to bring the 2 in 1 device that light and powerful. For this purpose, you can spend your dollars to buy Windows 2 in 1 device or Android Tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 or S4. I spent couple days to work with Android tablet. And this is my opinion about Android Tablet for IT worker like you. Information worker. You have everything to work with ... [More]

Five Things that you need to learn as a Software Engineer in Industry 4.0 era

My career is started when all the software engineer talked about object-oriented programming. The rich client user interface, Dynamic Web, and Integrated development environment so popular in that era (2000'). 18 years pass, the software engineer become more than 'science' than a 'fiction.' We see a lot of good software who can help society. Starting from online logistic, drone gimbal mode for a s... [More]

Getting started with Microsoft Graph on Windows Form

This tutorial shows you how to create a Windows Form application that use Microsoft Graph. This tutorial is part of digital documentation of Office 365 Global Bootcamp 2018 in Indonesia. You can download the codes here. you can view the quick tutorial here

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